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Head for the nature reserve of Frédérica

Written on : 25 June 2020
By : Léa Frémiot
Head for the nature reserve of Frédérica

Feel like escaping and getting some fresh air surrounded by lush nature? You'll love the Frédérica nature reserve located in the south-west of the island. Whether you are preparing your activities for your stay in Mauritius or just looking for inspiration at the moment, discover this magnificent natural site that is just waiting for you! 
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A jewel of Mauritian nature

A jewel of Mauritian nature

As you may have already noticed through many of our articles, Mauritius is among our favourite destinations. Ideal climate, fine sandy beaches, unique culture and delicious gastronomy. But what would Mauritius be without its magnificent natural spaces and its incomparable wealth of flora and fauna? Today we take you to discover one of these incredible natural landscapes, the Frederic Nature Reserve, a true marvel of Mauritian nature. 
If this magnificent nature reserve bears the name of Frédérica, it is as a tribute to its rich history. Indeed, before becoming a site open to visitors and tourists, this place was the sugar estate of Frédérica which was founded in the 19th century. After producing a lot of sugar for more than two centuries, and then with the decline of activity on the island, this estate was transformed into a nature reserve in order to preserve its beauty and make it accessible to all. It is therefore in partnership with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation that this great tourist project was created. The Frédérica Nature Reserve is now the largest nature reserve in Mauritius and welcomes thousands of tourists every year who are eager to learn more about the preservation of the island's resources, but also about its many riches. Whether on a free walk or accompanied by a guide, your children will love this visit which is full of discoveries about Mauritian fauna and flora. For example, you will discover many protected animal species such as monkeys, deer, geckos, bats or even several rare birds such as the straw tail. In addition to the animal species you will see, you will be able to admire hundreds of unique plant species such as medicinal plants, once used in Mauritian medicine, but also indigenous species. 
A wide range of activities around the discovery of biodiversity will be proposed to you for a day à la carte according to your desires. For example, you can opt for a safari visit by 4x4 or by night, an eco-quad visit close to the streams and river, or even hikes through the reserve. You can also enjoy the many pleasant areas for picnicking with family and friends. During your excursion, don't miss out on some of the must-sees of the nature reserve such as the spectacular Example waterfall or the Bel Ombre castle and its magnificent formal gardens. As you will have understood, the nature reserve of Frédérica is a visit not to be missed under any circumstances during your stay in Mauritius!
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