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Get To Know About Gris Gris

Written on : 18 June 2020
By : Disha Pegu

Admiring Mauritius and its gorgeous beaches is something we are used to. All the beaches in Mauritius have their very own unique essence and charm. Every corner of the picturesque island of Mauritius has something new and exciting to offer you. Today we will take you to the south of Mauritius, to an absolutely spectacular beach with a view like nowhere else in the world. Gris Gris is a very special and rare beach, located in the extreme south of Mauritius, which is both beautiful and also extremely dangerous.
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Get To Know About Gris Gris

This little piece of paradise of the Gris Gris beach has no coral barrier reef, which makes it very unique. The ocean waves break the shoreline in a rugged motion, offering amazing sights to visitors. Gris Gris beach is the opposite of all other beaches in Mauritius known for its tranquil and calm waters. This is due to the fact the island of Mauritius is protected by a coral reef barrier. This makes the ocean waves calmer and the beach waters shallow, which makes for perfect swimming. But in Gris Gris surprisingly, the barrier reef is absent. A trip here is an absolute must for everyone visiting Mauritius. The beauty of this beach will most certainly take your breath away, the high cliffs of the beach descend towards the ocean where the rough waves crash against the rocks making the water completely white and a loud crashing noise that can be heard every time. The beach is located to the extreme south of the main island of Mauritius, a few kilometres southeast to the village of Souillac, which has its own unique history dating back to the French colonial era of the island.  
The name "Gris Gris" on its own is a very interesting fact to ponder. As you enter the beach, you will notice a huge board displaying the history of the beach's name. The tradition of the island believes that the name " Gris Gris ", has links with the African amulet known as “Gris Gris” and its connection to the tormented coastline of the beach. But as you continue reading, your excitement will probably end when the story concludes by saying that Gris Gris may have actually been the name of the puppy of a French cartographer who visited the coast in 1753. We suggest that you do not limit yourself to the beach and explore the more scenic viewpoints around the shore area. The beach of Gris Gris is by default connected to the village of Souillac. The village derives most of its revenue from the tourists who come to visit it. It is a 200-year-old village that was established as a port for all ships sailing to India from Europe. We suggest that you plan your day well in order to make the most out of your visit to the south of Mauritius. Another must-see landmark is Rochester Falls, just outside the village, famous for its rectangular-sided rocks.

Some of our recommendations for a trip to the south of Mauritius

Some of our recommendations for a trip to the south of Mauritius

Do not try to swim while you are at Gris Gris as it is strongly forbidden due to the massive and dangerous waves.
If you are a photographer or if you plan to take a lot of pictures, don't forget to take a cloth to clean your lenses, as the constantly crashing waves create a lot of mist.
The best place for photography is the viewpoint of La Roche Qui Pleure, a few minutes’ walk from Gris Gris.
Explore areas close to the beach and don't just limit your day to the beach.
Le Morne is the right spot to be if you like sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing or surfing.

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