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Introduce yourself to paddleboarding during your stay in Mauritius

Written on : 02 September 2020
By : Léa Frémiot
Introduce yourself to paddleboarding during your stay in Mauritius

What if your trip to the island of beauty was an opportunity to try out new activities? Whether you're a water sports enthusiast or not, at Villanovo we're sure you won't regret trying the paddle. Walks in the lagoons, sunsets from the ocean or even sports sessions, discover quickly why this activity is unique! 
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A feeling of absolute freedom

A feeling of absolute freedom

What could be better than discovering unique natural landscapes from the ocean? A real relaxing activity, but also a discovery activity to sail wherever you want with unobstructed views, don't hesitate any longer. Mauritius is the ideal destination for paddle outings, because thanks to its coral reef, currents and waves are almost omnipresent. The sea is very calm, ideal for a stress-free paddle ride.
Many spots are also famous and appreciated in Mauritius for this activity such as the one in Tamarin Bay. Indeed, the fauna and flora of this place are particularly rich and its river will offer you nice walks in complete tranquillity, far from the most frequented beaches of the island. 
Suitable for everyone, whether you are young or old, or even with children, paddling is for all ages. Its use can be very different if you just want to go for a walk with what is called paddle rides or even running if you are a thrill-seeker. Increasingly popular in recent years, this activity is still little developed on the island despite the paradise it represents for this sport thanks to its unique views. At Villanovo, one of our favourite moments for paddling in Mauritius is undoubtedly in the evening to enjoy a magnificent sunset on the water. Unforgettable experience guaranteed! 
Even if the paddle is not yet very developed on the island, it will be easy for you to find water sports agencies that offer paddle rentals by the hour, half-day or even by the day, of which Real is one of the best known.  
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