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Things to keep in mind for a respectful trip

Written on : 06 July 2020
By : Léa Frémiot
Things to keep in mind for a respectful trip

Mauritius is known and appreciated by tourists from all over the world for the kindness and hospitality of its people, who are very tolerant and accustomed to the cultural mix on the island since time immemorial. However, we have concocted a shortlist of behaviours that are appreciated and others to avoid for a trip in perfect harmony with the locals and in respect of their customs. Enjoy your reading! 
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During your stay on the island:

During your stay on the island:

Have a smile and a positive expression when you meet locals. Indeed, Mauritians are very easy to get in touch with and will appreciate exchanging with you about their way of life and culture if you seem open to discussion. It is undoubtedly from them that you will learn the most interesting things about Mauritius!
Always respect the places of worship on the island, be it temples, mosques or churches. Mauritius is an island where cultural and religious diversity is very important and where different religions live side by side in perfect harmony. Thus, you will always be asked to take off your shoes to enter one of these buildings, but also to be sufficiently dressed, which implies no shorts or very short skirts, but also to have your bust and shoulders covered. This applies even if you are not a believer and only want to visit a monument. 
As in France and many other countries, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in public places. Tourists should not deviate from this rule and you will, therefore, be asked for the well-being of all to refrain. Since this rule has been in place since 2009, it particularly concerns open-air parks and gardens open to the public, but also in your own vehicle if it includes other passengers. We also recommend that you keep your cigarette butts with you and do not throw them away anywhere on the island. 
For several years now, Mauritius has been putting in place measures to preserve the beauty of its natural landscapes as well as its underwater ecosystem. Indeed, the island's corals are seriously threatened by climate change and man-made pollution. Therefore, it is very important, at your own level, to be careful with your waste on the island and never leave plastic on the beaches or in nature. 
Finally, wearing a monokini or a thong in the beaches is not yet part of the local culture in Mauritius so it is best to avoid this, which would be badly seen by the locals. However, on the small hotel beaches or even by your private swimming pool you will be able to afford it!
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