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Family activities in the South of Mauritius

Written on : 29 June 2021
By : Leo-Paul Weiss

Mauritius is an ideal destination for a family trip with children of all ages. Indeed, this atoll located in the middle of the Indian Ocean is full of activities and exceptional natural sites that will convince young and old alike. From walks, boat trips, amusement parks to numerous cultural activities, your children will certainly not be short of adventures during their entire stay. 
So don't hesitate any longer! Head to the south of Mauritius to discover all the must-do activities of this region of Mauritius. 

Why not go swimming with the dolphins?

Why not go swimming with the dolphins?

Mauritius is known to offer a wide variety of aquatic experiences due to its unique marine flora. Among them, swimming with dolphins is one of the most iconic and preferred by tourists. Embark in the early morning to the Black River Bay or to the side of Le Morne to observe these magnificent marine mammals in their natural element. You will have the chance to discover two unique species: the "long-beaked" dolphin and the "blowing" dolphin, the latter being among the most friendly dolphins with humans. Don't hesitate to contact Villanovo to organize your sea excursion.

A desire for some greenery and a change of scenery?

The southwest of Mauritius has exceptional natural wealth and many parks, perfect for hiking with the family. The most famous is the Black River Gorges, National Park. With its 6754 hectares of lush forests and its 300 species of indigenous and endemic plants, even the most curious of children will not know where to turn. The park offers several trails with different levels of difficulty, which will allow you, whatever your level, to enjoy a magnificent excursion in the middle of the Mauritian wild vegetation. You can also enjoy a trip to the Ferney Valley or the Valley of Colors to extend the experience. 

A little wild swimming?

Mauritius is home to a large number of wild waterfalls, each one more impressive than the next. From the seven waterfalls of Tamarin Falls to Rochester Fall and the Chamarel Waterfall, many of them are fully accessible to the public. What better way to enjoy a picnic lunch and a dip in these wild freshwater streams? To satisfy the desires of your most reckless children, it is even possible to jump safely from certain waterfalls or to try canyoning. Strong sensations guaranteed! Contact Villanovo to discover all the possible experiences. 

Unleash your adventurous soul!

Unleash your adventurous soul!

Take part in an unforgettable excursion to the natural park of Casela in the North of Tamarin, a few kilometers from Flic en Flac. Meet white lions, tigers, or giraffes through a lot of fun and unusual activities adapted to all ages: giant zip lines, quad rides, 4x4 safaris, canyoning, or segway, the choice is wide! To discover other surprising species, do not hesitate to go to the Vanilla Park a little further south. On the program, bats and giant turtles, crocodiles, or the visit of one of the biggest insectariums in the world with more than 23000 different species.

Enjoy the beaches of South Mauritius: between idleness and water activities

Enjoy the beaches of South Mauritius: between idleness and water activities

The South of Mauritius is full of beaches with various characteristics, suitable for the whole family. Put down your towel at Blue Bay beach to enjoy a beautiful lagoon,  very appreciated by the locals for swimming and snorkeling. Gris Gris beach is ideal for a superb walk along the coast. Not being protected by the coral reef, the waves crashing on the cliffs offer a unique spectacle and give the illusion that the cliff is "crying". 
For sportsmen and women and especially for kitesurfers, the beach of Le Morne is for you. The rest of the family will be able to enjoy the turquoise lagoon for a peaceful swim and admire the superb view of Le Morne watching over the beach. 

Discover the underwater fauna of Mauritius at the Blue Bay Marine Park

Discover the underwater fauna of Mauritius at the Blue Bay Marine Park

Covering 353 hectares, the Blue Bay Marine Park provides the opportunity to discover the underwater flora of Mauritius aboard glass-bottom boats. Do not hesitate to contact Villanovo to organize your excursion. Discover the natural wealth of this park, home to mangroves, seaweeds, corals, and other fascinating marine organisms. Snorkeling is also allowed and highly recommended!  Take your mask and snorkel in the underwater fauna and flora for a moment that will be engraved forever in your memory. 
After this excursion, don't hesitate to go and relax at the Blue Bay beach, known to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius thanks to its magnificent turquoise lagoon. 

Remember also to come and discover the north of Mauritius. Excursion in catamaran and parasailing are on the program! 

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